A letter to myself

Dear me,

How are you? You know that you are always fine but it’s the mind which creates vulnerability out of anything and hampers the life.One can be what he thinks for the point in the path of time and space.

Success is the progressive realization of an ideal .It means if you set a goal and achieve it ,you are a successful.

All you need in life is a Big goal disintegrated into chunks.You know why chunks are necessary ?Because if your skill level is more than goal level ,you will be bored and if less,you will have anxiety.So, it is essential to chunk and deal it with excitement.

Problems are not problems when you take them as challenges and cope with it for skill enhancement.

I think noone have a certain goal but have the rough outline . You must have a clear connection of dots in your life.Though we are not shaped by circumstances , sometimes situation demands flexibility. But the goal must be flexible so as only to maintain the integrity but not to stop and reverse at that point.

You know what is most needed in the world right now. It is peace.so you can dominate stress with excitement to spread happiness from what you do. At present ,just do what you think is you love . Rather than concretising a goal ,you should love the deed you are doing and create excitement out of that and spread happiness.

Remember, Success is 90% work persistency and 10% inspiration.And,we are made by ourselves not the circumstances.

Be you!!!



Until the word matches its meaning,
Until I get rid of sin,
By hiding from time, by blocking destiny
Karma is my religion, to the Maheshwar of the heart

Until the stain on the moon disappears
Until every heart is met with compassion
To calm all souls
My Shiva-Madness is within only me.

To the throbbing throb
Until the time of ticking
Thunder inside the eyes, orgasm inside the heart
The last breath is stuck until the karma is completed

Greed and lust, until this illusion.
Desires and love, until this youth
Get living even after the world ends,
When you have kindness and compassion for this life.


When we are alone ,we talk to our thoughts and eventually get defeated by them. Arguments try to get more controversial and entertaining .Our intentions are quite clear but their expression loose their track on way of time and dispersed through emotions .Being diluted by our intellectuality, those intentions will not work as we want them.

We question our emptiness and ask us wheather we are happy or sad.Consequently, being driven by our emotions mostly we misconclude emptiness as sadness .Then ,sadness brings FALSE causation like regret, lackings,imperfections and some inferiority complex which we fear about. And ,Here we are in total emptiness misunderstood as sadness with the cause of it. Literally , making fuss out of nothing and resulting in selfdrowing in ocean of own thoughts .

Emptiness can be better when we misinterpret it as happiness.We breath blissfully ;love unconditionally; live with gratitude; sees wonders in blow of wind /flow of water / rhyme of poetry /rythm of music. We feel great and want to make most out of given time. Though misinterpreted ,it gives us reason to feel greatness inside of us.

If by any chance we can feel the real emptiness , we just feel Nothing(SUNYATA) . It means no joy, no sadness rather a midpoint of those emotions .The real nothingness where we know everything .It is roughly the state of enlightment of yogis’ after years of meditations or the condition of monks after insane sacrifice. It provides us with spritual vector to explore the real greatness in everything like ” LORD SHIVA” does.

“Om Nama Shivay”

“The Girl I adore : Part III Conclusion”

After the bus event, I saw her in my dreams the following nights on regular basis. It was because she had been in my mind for so long .Then,I searched for her in social media but didn’t found her.I was sad and waiting for miracle to happen.

About one year later ,I saw her again at public library. This time her eyes got dark circled as if she had been crying for a long time.I asked to her about it and she replied she had just lost her close school friend.I expressed my sympathy . I became her friend after we started talking more often. Then,I became her good friend after that.

This time, we talked about our interest like poetry , philosophy etc very deeply .We became more close and Then, we said things by signalling through eyes. We started traveling together .Our late nights chat and early morning message decreased gap between our emotions . Consequently,our relation got stronger and I thought she developed emotions towards me because she was more intimidating to my mind and coming close towards my heart.

Finally for this day, I was prepared mentally and emotionally . This time I saw her coming towards me smiling . I breathed deeply ,got into my knees and took out rose and said,”Do you mind if I love you?”

She laughed and replied,” This is not appropriate to use vague English to express feeling.” She added,” and I love you too.”

I said ,”Yassssssss, but I wanted to know why did you addressed me saying Brother the time we met on bus.”

She said,”I wanted you to be triggered toward me by reminding our childhood memories. But ,it was bad idea”.

“I also think that it was bad idea “,I added.

And,the story ends here.

PS: the rest of story depends on your imagination!!

“The Girl I adore : Part II History”

You guys remember the clause”You are like my BROTHER”.

Well,I could never forget that . I had known her only during childhood and we didn’t meet until that bus event.so let’s get back to origin where it all started.

It was raining outside ,which is satisfactory weather for a boy but romantic for a man jumping back and making life out of memories, when I saw her for the first time. She was actually beautiful and was cute as everyone is in their childhood. A overtalking clever girl with sharp voice . Exactly like the same picture which is in your mind.

We used to play games of father/ mother and brother/ sister .I ended up being her brother every single time.And also talked about little things that made us happy like books,schools, paintings,interests and dogs.When I told her Kung Fu is best ,she argued with her tekwando techniques and I got wounded every time in right my heart.The deep wound whose scars are still inside of me.

One day when I was writing poems she came and told me that her family was going to another city for permanently residency as her father’s post was upgraded .I said good bye to her.

Since my conservative mind influenced by classical romanticism offered me with highly held belief towards her , I couldn’t resist the last time I saw her(bus event) and went on flawlessly describing her in poetic manner. This led me to find out that the I had rare habit of poeticizing romantic situation.

…,…….to be continued !!

PS: Imagination!!

“The Girl I adore : Part I”

Suddenly,I saw the face.That face which has semi-elliptical smile with spark in eyes.I was excited and nervous at same time.I felt as if my body was falling apart and my joints were separating. My breath were heavy and deep.

We were in a bus.I was in last seat and she was in reversed seat facing towards me. She could barely recognise me because there were men standing along her sight.But I saw her entering into bus.Though my sight was also blocked,I could see her hair blown by air and I felt as though I was in a romantic movie having some background music .

In the course of travelling,I kept trying to look at her either by bending my head or by bending the whole body.I already had picture of her in my mind , which I kept looking for .Eventually ,I found out that picture in my mind matched with her in all aspects.

The time went fast.And,she got out of bus. Not thinking for a second,I also came out and went after her. After sometime,I said”Do you remember me?”. She told me,”Certainty ,how can I forget you! How you doing these days?”

I said ,”Pretty good! How about you?”

She said,”I’m doing good!”

During this conversation,I captured all her facial expression in my eyes and they are permanently saved in my brain.The conversation went on and at last she said,

“Okay ,have a nice future and do good .You are like my BROTHER.”

I smiled not at her but at myself.And had a good future.

………..to be continued!

PS:It Is purely Imagination 😂

“Inner Peace; a subject of self awareness”

“I want inner peace”.

This statement is often used when we are overwhelmed by continuous stress of not getting results as expected. When our thoughts are heavily influenced by some factors (like the plague) ,they direct us to be physcolgically distressed and emotionally distructed. It makes us feel lost from inside. And, When we are lost,it is hard to keep the calmness inside us and get the inner peace.

So what is inner peace??

You might have been thinking it to be mysterious ,spiritual condition. But, it is simply the state,in which you feel happy to carry out your general action ; smile from heart when you talk to people; feel some heavy burden is not with you anymore.

Peace is tranquility of time.It is depth of thought. It inspires people to be emotionally intelligent. Some part of wind that you are inhaling carries the peace. The sound of falling of leaves carries recurring events tempting to peaceful vibration. It is beautiful and impressive way of life .

Now let’s get to real problem.!!!.Why are we unable to attend the peace.??.

It is because we are outfocused to it .We want to go to Himalaya,Temples or places to find it. We want it from so called Babas or Matas. Though,The place we should be searching must be within us. Yess,it’s been always within us. We just get to know it. There are many ways of identifying it

  • Meditate and that’s it.
  • Solve the problems that is bothering you.It is the Chinese ancient way of getting inner peace.
  • Don’t let emotional breakdown happen inside us.
  • Share the feeling of drowning in sorrows to empty your “sad bag”.

Why bother when the peace you are searching for is already within us. Just realize it and find it as it is only matter of self awareness.